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Michael stands under a light with his arms spread wearing a black satin and mesh shirt as he looks upward


Photo by Olivia Moon Photography, Boston Center for the Arts, 2019

"J Michael Winward’s Hail Mary, Cha cha cha! presented a funny and poignant look at being a queer Catholic teenager...
Winward is a strong performer with terrific timing and considerable presence."
- Jessica Lockhart, Artsfuse

I have performed the following short solo performance pieces alongside friends and colleagues in the Boston area and beyond. For more information about booking solo or group shows, as well as additional community engagement opportunities, please visit the Booking page.

Insider Ballroom
Black and white photo of Michael during a ballroom dance competition, applauding his competitors

Photo by Shell Jiang
Michael at competition,

Circa 2011

Personal stories from my time working as a competitive ballroom dancer and instructor, interwoven with a critical examination of the American ballroom dancing industry. Performed by J Michael Winward, created in collaborative process with dramaturg/directors Betsy S. Goldman and Elbert Joseph, creative consultant Catherine Siller, and ASL Interpreter Shonnese Grant

Run time 15 minutes, Available for booking
Hail Mary, Cha cha cha!
Dressed in black, Michael supports himself on two hands and one foot. Tossing head back, he kicks his other foot into the air
Stories about growing up queer in the Catholic Church.
Run time 12-15 minutes
Available for booking

Photo by Olivia Moon Photography,
We Try To Live Together
Boston Center for the Arts, 2019

The same procedure as last year...
Michael squats in 4 inch heels. There are open gift boxes strewn on the floor behind him, as a home movie is projected above
Queering Christmas morning.

Run time 5 minutes
Available for booking in December

Photo by Olivia Moon Photography,
CATALYST Artist Showcase,
The Dance Complex, 2019

F**K the fourth of july
Caught mid-rant, Michael stands in split squat, looking offstage right. He stands before sculptural set pieces: closet doors
Having complicated feelings about the Fourth of July.

Run time 12 minutes,
Available for booking in June/July

Photo by Stefanie Belnavis/The Diahann Project,
Stones to Rainbows: Gay to Queer Lives,
Produced by Peter DiMuro/Public Displays of Motion,
Arlington Street Church, 2021

Gesturing toward the audience, Michael wears an open silver sequined jacket, blue booty shorts, sunglasses, and nothing else
Queering the Star Spangled Banner.

Run time 5 minutes
Photo by Olivia Moon Photography,
Tiny & Short
The Dance Complex, 2018
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