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Michael strikes a pose with arms in a V postion while wearing sunglasses and a sequined jacket


Interdisciplinary Artist

My work has been made possible in part thanks to support from the following organizations:

Logo for Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture, a bold B underlined in red beside text: Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture
Logo for Fidelity Charitable, green and white starburst design beside the words Fidelity
Logo for The Boston Foundation, TBF, in blue, gold, and white font
Logo for NEFA, New England Foundation for the Arts, words in black font against white background
Logo for Boston Cultural Council, BCC, in pink, gray, and white font
Logo for The Dance Complex, words in maroon and black font, enclosed by maroon walls
Logo for Boston Dance Alliance: words in teal font, inside teal circle design
Logo for Cambridge Community Foundation: words in black font with a rainbow wave crashing above


Thanks for stopping by!


My name is Michael Winward (he/they). I’m a dancer, storyteller, and organizer. My performances blend movement, memoir and (sometimes) video projection of my family's home movies. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Bennington College (focus: Dance & Drama), and a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College (focus: Performance Creation & Decolonial Art Praxis). 


I was born and raised (Wamesit), and presently reside (Totant) - a tourist on land of the Massachusett, Nipmuc, and Wampanoag Peoples - original stewards of territory currently known as Massachusetts. 

Smiling, while looking down to his left and away from the camera, Michael holds a suit jacket draped over his right shoulder

Photo by Shawn Marquis

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