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Tahini Lime Dressing

This salad dressing is amazing. It may be the best I have ever had. It is certainly the best I have ever made. It really makes me want to eat a salad. Makes me so glad I had all these ingredients together in the house at the same time. As you will see, I can't quite tell you how to make it because I still don't quite know, myself. But I'm sure if you play around with everything, you'll get to know what I mean. Absolutely beautiful salad dressing!  

Tahini Lime Dressing






Almond Butter


Rice vinegar

Soy sauce

Red pepper flakes

Olive oil



Cold Udon Salad 4


Peel and chop about a pinky-finger's length of ginger. Juice one lime. Add that to a food processor along with all the other ingredients in a combination that suits you. I can tell you that I use a little less almond butter than tahini, and only enough water to thin out the almond butter. I thought that a tablespoon of soy sauce and rice vinegar would be enough. I was right about the soy sauce (if I recall), but definitely ended up adding more vinegar. About a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of pepper flakes. I could have added more pepper flakes, but would not have added more sugar. A couple tablespoons of olive oil will help the dressing coat the salad (I think, seems right).


Tahini Lime Dressing 2


I spent years making salad dressings without a food processor, and I always thought they came out fine. But never was I so glad to have invested in a kitchen product as when I tasted this dressing. It far exceeds any I had ever made, and many I have tasted from bottles or restaurants. The ginger flavor shines through, and you don't end up chomping down on any.


Tahini Lime Dressing 3


Instantly craveable salad. Remarkable.

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