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Cold Udon Salad

The idea for this pasta salad came to me as I was dozing off at the Institute of Contemporary Art last Sunday, during a performance of one of John Cage's pieces for a prepared piano. I've learned that when you close your eyes at a contemporary music performance, the people around you are apt to think that you're meditating on the profundity of the soundscape (unlike when you close your eyes during a contemporary dance show, and everyone knows you're asleep). Flashes of cole slaw...Udon noodles...last week's salad dressing...  

Cold Udon Salad 1



1/2 a purple cabbage, chopped

4 carrots, shredded

About 2 tbspn basil, chopped

Unsalted peanuts, toasted in a shallow pan

1 package udon noodles

Tahini Lime Dressing (click for recipe)


Cold Udon Salad 2


Combine the chopped cabbage and shredded carrots.

Moisten with olive oil, and season with salt.


Cold Udon Salad 3


Cook the udon noodles by the directions on the package.


Tahini Lime Dressing 2


Prepare the Tahini Lime Dressing.


Cold Udon Salad 6


Combine all ingredients together, and refrigerate until cold.


Cold Udon Salad 8


Pasta salad like in my dreams.

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