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Carrot Soup


So, I know this soup would be better if I made my own veggie broth and maybe someday I will. It's not all that hard from what I understand. You basically hoard away your veggie scraps in the freezer until there's enough to boil into a broth. If you are already in the habit of hoarding away your veggie scraps, here's a great opportunity to make a broth. If you grow your own cilantro on the windowsill, or if you churn your own butter, I would use those as well. If you grow your own carrots, you must be some kind of superhero, and I salute you. But if you're looking to make carrot soup on the fly, this recipe will not disappoint. An immersion blender is a great tool to have for this one: makes magic in a matter of seconds.  

Carrot Soup 1


7 or 8 normal sized carrots, chopped into little 1/2 inch circles

1 medium onion, chopped

2 potatoes, cubed

Ginger, about two tablespoons, peeled and chopped

Ground coriander seed, about a tablespoon

Butter, 3-4 tablespoons

Olive Oil

Veggie broth

Salt & Pepper

Heavy cream (to garnish)

Cilantro, chopped (to garnish)

Carrot Soup 2

Melt the butter with some olive oil in the pot, add the onion and ginger and season with salt and pepper.

Carrot Soup 3

When the mixture is translucent, add the potato, carrot and coriander. Season again with salt and pepper, stir the ingredients together, and let cook for about 5 minutes.

Carrot Soup 4

Add your veggie broth (I used the entire box. Use the equivalent of one box if making your own). Cover and simmer for about twenty minutes or until the vegetables are soft.

Carrot Soup 5Carrot Soup 6

Fully immerse your immersion blender into the soup, then blend (learned that technique the hard way).

Carrot Soup 7

Serve with a sprinkle of cilantro and a drizzle of heavy cream. By this time, you should feel so accomplished that it won't much matter if you didn't make your own veggie broth.

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