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A Flight of Flutes, Hashtag: TastetheRainbow


There are a couple cardinal rules to serving champagne at a party. First of all, try not to invite any champagne experts because they will know right away that what you're serving them isn't really champagne. Second of all, serve the better stuff first. The longer your guests drink, the less they care what they're drinking. Finally, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with an assortment of colored mixer. Here's what Arti and I used to create the signature drinks for our housewarming party:

Red: Cranberry juice

Orange: Orange juice (you could also use mango!)

Yellow: I used lemonade, but later decided that pineapple juice would have been better

Green: Midori

Blue: Blue Curacao

Purple: Cassis

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After countless arguments over how to get the champagne the right color, over where to get a Christmas tree and how to get it up the stairs, over how the thousand little pieces of hardware should come together to form a coffee table, over how on earth one is meant to hang curtains in a bay window, by 2:00 pm last Saturday, we were ready for our holiday housewarming party.

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I had told everyone that we would be going from 2:00 till 2:00. That had a nice ring to it, and would also prove to my friends that yes I can stay up past 10:00 pm when I put my mind to it. After finishing the hors d'oeuvres, Arti and I toasted each other, waiting for our guests to arrive. He tried the blue, and I tried the orange--spiked with a little vodka. The day was young. By 4:30, no one had arrived and we were each three flutes deep. Then, for the first time in the three months we'd lived here, the door started buzzing!

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Facebook really is an amazing invention. I've only been on it for about a month. It took me quite a long time to jump on the band wagon. I didn't like the idea of a computer program quantifying the number of friends I have and then putting it up on the internet for everyone to see. But for hosting a party (and for staying in touch, generally) it's a pretty handy thing. Arti set up an invitation page. I somehow thought the invitation page would invite all my friends for me ("Facebook really is an amazing invention," I thought). To anyone who may not have been invited--it truly isn't you. It's me. Those who did come really seemed to enjoy getting creative with their cocktails!

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Someone put googly eyes on the squash!

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I served drinks for a while, then I just invited people to make their own. I suggested spiking their champagne cocktails with vodka as I had been doing since 2:00. Or gin if they liked. I was so impressed with the creative color combinations people were making.

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And with whomever was putting the googly eyes in all the creative places! What a fun idea!

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Snapchat (I've learned) is a way to make embarrassing photos and videos available for people to see, but only for a limited amount of time. When I awoke the next day, Arti showed me a video of my mother leading a can-can in our living room. It would be available for the next five days.


The end.

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